Home and Pet Security.

For the protection of your home and pets we do not advertise our services on our vehicles.

Most pets do best when left in their own environment with all the familiar smells of you, their favorite sleeping spots and their favorite foods and treats. We will visit your pet(s) as many times per day as you would like and for the length of time you think is best for you. We will try to keep your pet(s) as close to their regular routine as we possibly can. We also offer over night services for those pets that don't like to sleep alone.

Our pet taxi service will take your pet to the vet or groomer. We also offer house checks and shopping services if you need to replenish pet food, treats, toys or litter.

During our daily dog walks we give your dog not only the opportunity to relieve himself/herself, but also the opportunity to get valuable exercise or just stop and smell the “roses”. A tired dog is a good dog and just like exercise relieves stress in people it also relieves stress in dogs. So whether you work long hours or are just busy with the everyday chores of life, Dances with Dogs, Inc. will give your dog(s) the walk time they need.


Your pet is family. 

Professional In Home Pet Care


Here at Dances with Dogs, Inc. we don't just believe that your pet is family, we act like they are our own family. With trained staff that are ready to take care of your loved ones whenever you might need it, we believe that you are in exceptional hands with us every time you call. Our staff is bonded and insured, dedicated to the care of your pets and with our intensive background checks and experience, you can be assured that your home and  pet are being taken care of by the best.